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I need your help Imgur!

I need your help Imgur!

Hi guys!

I need a little bit of help, and it's easy: get this to the frontpage.

"Why?" ~ All the downvoters

Because I want to get the attention of the Imgur staff.

I need your help Imgur!

About a month and a half ago I submitted an image to the gallery saying that I have been in a job hunt without any luck for the past few months. Then and there came @dvst8or and posted those comments. I'm still out of luck, so I might as well give it a shot, I have nothing to lose.

I need your help Imgur!

I'm an Android developer, and guess who needs one: That's right, the people at Imgur need one.

I need your help Imgur!

That means that I could be working on improving this for you 🙂 (Mobile users should be delighted by now)

I need your help Imgur!

The problem is that I'm not from the USA, and pretty much when you try to apply for a job like this you get an experience similar to the one depicted.

I need your help Imgur!

Also, I just graduated, so my lack of professional experience could be a negative point.

But hey, Alan himself (the creator of Imgur) said on a AMA that he learned about everything as he needed it, so I could do that too, right? (And I have done it already).

I need your help Imgur!

So, I'm asking the Imgur community to make this album see the light of the frontpage. I'm pretty sure that @sarah is going to be kind enough to talk to the team and agree to interview me because we know she can make it happen 🙂

Sarah, if you read this, my name is Julio Garcia and I just sent an email with my resume to the jobs email. I know it's difficult to land a job on a different continent because of the immigration laws, but…please? 🙂

In case this doesn't go as expected and somebody else needs an Android developer, this is me:

TL;DR: I do things, Imgur wants things, please upvote.

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12 thoughts on “I need your help Imgur!

  1. That’s what I did before posting the album.

  2. 1+ take it

  3. Good luck OP. Where is the link to your resume?

  4. We hire people from all over! If you’re a desirable candidate we’ll fly you out. You’ll have to submit to Good luck!

  5. @sarah 🙂

  6. Sarah, can I have a job too? I could be a janitor, or clean windows or something.

  7. Sure, have an upvote. It costs me nothing, you get meaningless internet points and maybe a job! Best of luck!

  8. I did already before posting the album, but I’m trying to tip the balance.

  9. Good luck! Maybe, if I werent that young as i am, i would do something similar…

  10. Good luck mate.

  11. A for effort if nothing else. Good luck!

  12. No user-sub mod position?

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