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With Falling Newsstand Sales, UK Newspapers Push Subscriptions


A volatile advertising market isn’t the only reason British newspapers are pushing print and digital subscriptions — it’s also to combat a sharp decline in the number of copies being sold at the newsstand.

An article published in The Economist this week shows how British newspapers are slowly becoming “more American” — not in the scope or style of their coverage, but in their business models.

Historically, British newspapers have sold most of their copies on the newsstand: Even now, 42% of UK citizens get their newspaper from a newsstand or shop, while just 12% have a print or digital subscription, according to a Reuters Institute survey. In the U.S., those numbers are reversed: 30% of news readers have either a print- or digital-newspaper subscription, while 12% get them from a newsstand. (The rest, presumably, get their news for free, entirely online.)

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 2.48.02 PM

As The Economist points out, it’s easier for people to stop buying newspapers at the newsstand every day than to cancel a subscription, which is largely why papers like the Financial Times and The Times have tightened up their online paywalls, and funded big marketing campaigns to promote their subscriptions (even throwing free tablets into the mix).

British newspapers are making good on their efforts. Collectively, the Daily Telegraph, FT, The Guardian, The Independent and The Times have boosted the proportion of their circulation revenue from 26% to 41% between Dec. 2008 and May 2013, according to Enders Analysis.

Image: Getty Images and Reuters Institute

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Glocal Wants to Be the Hulu of Local News Videos



Forget the six o’clock news, Glocal wants to be your all-in-one distribution channel for news videos online. It’s an ambitious goal, to say the least, but the Detroit-based startup has raised $1 million in funding from Compuware’s venture capital arm to make it happen.

Glocal, which came out of beta on Wednesday after a three-year development period, bills itself as the first online service to aggregate local and national news videos, and organizes these videos by city so viewers can find the most relevant news clips in their region.

The startup launched with 1,900 video providers in 68 cities, including New York, San Francisco, Austin and Memphis. Each of these cities has between 25 to 65 video content providers, ranging from big name national publications like CNN and The Associated Press to local news sources. Glocal also uses YouTube’s API to populate it with videos from various outlets and local news bloggers.

“We give a place for news organizations to distribute their videos and we do focus on smaller organizations,” Lincoln Cavalieri, the company’s founder, told Mashable. Of those 1,900 video providers, 250 are national in scope. Cavalieri says he was inspired in part by video services like Hulu, which provide an “aggregation platform” for TV shows, and Vimeo, which does the same for independent videos. “There wasn’t really an aggregation platform for news videos in general,” he said. That’s the niche that he hopes to fill with Glocal.

When users open up Glocal’s web page, they’ll see a list of national trends — similar to Twitter tending topics — each of which has a collection of videos. There is also a map of the U.S., where users can search for and find their city to view the top videos in their area. The service isn’t perfect — while looking through videos in the San Francisco area, for example, many of the top clips we came across were from lectures at Berkeley, which may be educational, but are probably not the kind of entertainment one would seek out in this situation. Still, at its best, Glocal helps to surface news videos from lesser-known publications that might be buried on other general video services like YouTube.

Going forward, Cavalieri says the plan is to release an iPhone application in the next month or so, followed by apps for Android and the iPad. The startup also plans to expand and aggregate videos for cities in other countries. As for revenue generation, Glocal is building an advertising platform that features video editing tools on the site to make it easy for marketers to create videos and then bid to air them targeting specific cities.

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I need your help Imgur!

I need your help Imgur!

Hi guys!

I need a little bit of help, and it's easy: get this to the frontpage.

"Why?" ~ All the downvoters

Because I want to get the attention of the Imgur staff.

I need your help Imgur!

About a month and a half ago I submitted an image to the gallery saying that I have been in a job hunt without any luck for the past few months. Then and there came @dvst8or and posted those comments. I'm still out of luck, so I might as well give it a shot, I have nothing to lose.

I need your help Imgur!

I'm an Android developer, and guess who needs one: That's right, the people at Imgur need one.

I need your help Imgur!

That means that I could be working on improving this for you 🙂 (Mobile users should be delighted by now)

I need your help Imgur!

The problem is that I'm not from the USA, and pretty much when you try to apply for a job like this you get an experience similar to the one depicted.

I need your help Imgur!

Also, I just graduated, so my lack of professional experience could be a negative point.

But hey, Alan himself (the creator of Imgur) said on a AMA that he learned about everything as he needed it, so I could do that too, right? (And I have done it already).

I need your help Imgur!

So, I'm asking the Imgur community to make this album see the light of the frontpage. I'm pretty sure that @sarah is going to be kind enough to talk to the team and agree to interview me because we know she can make it happen 🙂

Sarah, if you read this, my name is Julio Garcia and I just sent an email with my resume to the jobs email. I know it's difficult to land a job on a different continent because of the immigration laws, but…please? 🙂

In case this doesn't go as expected and somebody else needs an Android developer, this is me:

TL;DR: I do things, Imgur wants things, please upvote.

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I knew the enterprise was piloted by an Android OS.

I knew the enterprise was piloted by an Android OS.

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