Denon AH-W150 Wireless Fitness In-Ear Headphone – PARENT ASIN

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The rhythm and harmony which music plays [ the body which stirs in athlete style running, the walking and gym which support the mind and body which stir, or loading ].
It was born for those who would like to enjoy a sport more lightly.
Wireless inner year headphone are waterproofing also with sweat or sudden safe rain, and antibacterial treatment.
The degree of concentration to a sport is also raised by adhering to the form of details and improving wearing nature.
Your body and exercise of the heart are supported by music.
It is the cordless headphone which also considered circumference functions, such as antibacterial treatment, as well as sound quality.
The cordless headphone for an active group.
A transmission system adopts Bluetooth3.0 and the continuous use for about 7 hours is possible for it.
Moreover, in addition to the flexible neck band in which the feeling of wearing stable also in exercise is obtained, the main part is equipped with the waterproofing function of the protection grade 4 strong against sweat or a spray.
Furthermore, antibacterial treatment is performed to the year chip and you can use cleanly.
Bluetooth3.0 correspondence
The wireless headphone of the Bluetooth3.0 adoption which extends a free style and pleasure of exercise.
In consideration of the use at the time of movement, it also has the waterproofing function (protection grade 4) to bear sweat and waterdrop.
It corresponds to a handsfree telephone call with a built-in microphone.
A telephone call by the clear sound quality which reduced the noise by CVC (Clear Voice Capture) loading is possible.
An antibacterial ear piece
An ear piece encloses four types of L, M, S, and XS.
Its antibacterial treatment of its is performed and it can use cleanly.
The continuous action time of a built-in battery charger is about 7 hours.
It is attached in the USB cable for charge.

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