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Manchester United Bans iPads From Home Games


A journalist takes photos with his iPad as FC Barcelona team players practice during a training session at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Russia, on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012.
Image: Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press

Bad news, Manchester United fans: You can no longer bring your iPads to home games.

Citing security advice, Manchester United announced Monday that large electronic items, “including laptops and tablets” have been added to an existing list of prohibited items for games played at the teams’s Old Trafford stadium. Manchester United is one of the wealthiest and most valuable soccer clubs in the world.

The team says it took its cues from UK airports (which, like U.S. airports, ban uncharged devices from coming on board planes). The team says that the configuration of the stadium would make it impractical for users to demonstrate that a device is genuine by powering it up upon request.

The teams says that a “large electronic device” is designated as one that is 150mm x 100mm (5.9 x 3.9 inches) in size and specifically cites the iPad and iPad mini as being banned. By our calculations, the size constraints mean that any tablet 7 inches or larger won’t be allowed into the stadium. For Manchester U fans who really like phablets — even giant phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Mega — you should be safe.

Smartphones and cameras are still allowed in the stadium as long as they don’t exceed the specified dimensions.

The no-tablet ban seems to be limited to Old Trafford for now. Other stadiums set their own regulations and rules. Manchester United says that the venue’s size and profile make it a bigger risk than other venues.

This isn’t the first time tablets have been banned from stadiums. The New York Yankees, which won’t even let users in with a commuter bag, banned iPads back in 2010. The team acquiesced in 2012, allowing spectators the ability to use the world’s most impractical mobile camera unfettered.

For now, fans seem to be reacting to the ban positively. It makes sense. Trying to enjoy a game if the person in front of you has a huge tablet in front of her face might be annoying.

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iPad Mini Launch Event Coming Oct. 17


Invitations to Apple’s next big event, announcing the highly-rumored iPad Mini, will be sent out on October 10. The event will follow a week later on October 17th, with the launch of the device coming shortly after on November 2nd.

All this according to a report in Fortune, which cites an Apple investor who has heard the dates from “multiple sources.”

Rumors have been circulating about an iPad Mini for some time, with many of those rumors pointing to an October product announcement.

Purported leaked photos of the pint-sized tablet show a 7.85-inch device with aluminum-back casing similar to the current iPad, a rear-facing camera, and Apple’s new lightning connector. The front of the tablet is thought to look much like the current iPad, with a black — or potentially white — bezel surrounding the screen and a home button at the bottom.

The iPad Mini is also expected to be less expensive than the current iPad, putting it against tablet’s such as the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire in the marketplace.

Traditionally secretive about it products, Apple has not acknowledged plans to create a smaller version of the iPad — nor has it officially indicated plans to have an event of any kind in October.

Will we see a smaller iPad later this month? Give us your prediction in the comments.

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Apple: Google Warned Samsung Tablet Was Similar to iPad


The protracted legal battle between Apple and Samsung took another twist today after Apple claimed that Google warned Samsung back in 2010 that two of its Galaxy Tab tablets looked “too similar” to the iPad.

According to All Things D, Apple reportedly showed Samsung’s internal documents ahead of the patent trial in the U.S. next week, with one of these documents allegedly revealing Google’s concerns over the prototype Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets.

The search giant powers the Android operating system on both Samsung devices and apparently demanded both tablets have a “distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the [Galaxy Tab 10.1 prototype].”

The documents are also said to show how Samsung’s own design group found it “regrettable” how similar the Galaxy S smartphone looked to some of the older iPhone models.

This wasn’t the only Apple-Samsung legal action this week. A state court in Dusseldorf, Germany banned the sale of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet across Europe earlier this week. The court did however decide against a similar ban for the 10.1N Galaxy Tab — a revised version of the original 10.1 Galaxy Tab.

To date, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung has extended to more than half a dozen countries. As a result, Samsung tablets have been banned in Australia, the UK and across the Europe. The trial has also had an effect on Apple as a UK judge recently ordered the company to advertise on its website that the Galaxy Tab had not copied the iPad.

Apple is reportedly suing Samsung for a mega $2.5 billion in lost profits.

This article originally published at TabTimes

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Twitter

Twitter rolled out on Tuesday a series of design updates aimed to add more personality to member pages. Photos have been brought to the forefront and room has been made for Facebook Timeline-like cover images.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo first unveiled the updates during morning news program The Today Show — an unlikely stage for a tech company that is continually introducing new features and designs. Since the announcement was coupled with a short segment about Twitter’s growth and success, it was likely part of an effort to introduce the platform to a greater audience not yet using the site.

“Today’s changes are all about bringing that personality forward. More media forward, more photos forward,” Costolo said on the show. “So it’s much easier to see these media experiences and flip through them.”

The company also announced new apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Behind the Header Photo

Member profile photos have been moved from the top left to a spot in the center of the page. Users can upload a long horizontal “header” image that resembles the cover photo concept currently used on Facebook and Google+. Existing profile pictures are embedded in the center of the header.


“The page itself has been reoriented to play up other visuals as well: Your avatar is no longer tucked in the corner, but will display front and center,” Twitter said in a statement. “The photo stream, too, has been moved up, and will now be accessible on the apps.”

How to Add a Header

First, visit your profile — the page that’s labeled “Me,” not your homepage — either on or via your mobile app. To add a header photo, visit and select a photo from your existing library or port in a new one. To upload a header photo from a mobile app, visit to the “Me” tab, click the settings button (gear), tap “Edit profile” and then “Header.”

Note: After selecting a picture, you’ll need to scale it to size. The original image size can’t surpass 1252×626 pixels (with a max file size of five megabytes) and anything less than 640 pixels won’t look great.

App Upgrades

The iPhone app looks similar to what we’ve seen in the past, particularly in regards to the news feed and navigation. The “Me” section has been optimized for a header photo, however.

Meanwhile, the iPad app received a whole new user interface. In addition to highlighting a header photo and giving uploaded photos a bigger display area, you no longer have to swipe to reveal the sidebar. It also gives greater prominence to media — images now appear full-screen and links show up within the tweets when expanded. The company called the iPad app more than just an upgrade.

“We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up to make it fast, beautiful and easy to use,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter also noted that the news represents “our mobile-first strategy.”

User Reaction

Mashable conducted a poll after the news was announced to gauge user feedback, and 47% said they loved the emphasis on photos and the new header. About 27% said cover pictures are “so 2011,” while 25% said they were indifferent.

Header Inspiration

While you think about how you want your new header to look, check out our gallery of early adopters.

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iPad Mini: A Timeline of the Rumor Mill


It looks certain: The long-rumored iPad Mini — the smaller-screen variant of Apple’s category-defining iPad — will be unveiled on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Apple sent out invitations to the press earlier today for an event because it had “a little more to show you.”

If that wasn’t enough, there have been no end to rumors and supposed leaks about the still-unofficial device. Discussion about a pint-size Apple tablet predates even the original iPad unveiling, but the reports have reached a fever pitch in the last couple of months. Below is a timeline, created by GimmiTech, of the most prevalent rumors about the iPad Mini in 2012, in graphical form.

Apple’s Asian suppliers have reportedly geared up production for the device, and at least one credible photo of a smaller iPad has circulated. On top of that, 9to5 Mac posted a screencap of what looks like a retail inventory that shows 24 iPad Mini models, supposedly showing it will come in three capacities.

Regardless, the move into the small-screen tablet market sees Apple play the follower to pioneers in the space, such as Amazon and Samsung. Google even shook things up earlier this year with its entry, the Nexus 7.

What features will the iPad Mini have, do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Baby Uses iPad

This video is from 2010 and was barely seen until recently. Now it has gone completely viral. People love babies, and people love iPad. A baby using an iPad is just pure gold. Maybe the fact that a baby can use an iPad so well just proves that Apple products are made for babies. Does that bode well for Apple fan boys?


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