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Then And Now – How Things Have Changed Over The Last Fifty Years

Things have changed loads since the ’60s, we all know that. But by how much? Some things are almost unrecognisable, but others… well, they’ve stayed more or less the same. Let’s take a look!

1. Films Then

Films Then

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One of the most popular films of the ’60s was the lovely Mary Poppins. Still incredibly popular today, it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year!

2. Films Now

Films Now

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Marvel is currently dominating the movie landscape, releasing a few big films each year. So far in 2014, we’ve had Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy has performed incredibly over its opening weekend.

3. Video Games Then

Video Games Then

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This is Table Tennis, on the Magnavox Odyssey. Most of what you’re seeing isn’t actually the game – the court, the stick figure players, even the green… all of that is on a cutout that you stuck on the TV screen. Without it, it was entirely black and white and looked like this.

4. Video Games Now

Video Games Now

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This badass little thing is the Oculus Rift, and it promises to revolutionise video games as we know them. Other virtual reality sets are in development as well, such as Sony’s Project Morpheus.

5. Toys Then

Toys Then

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This early Barbie is the kind of thing nightmares are made of.

6. Toys Now

Toys Now

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Whereas this one looks like a rainbow has vomited all over it. But at least it’s “Hair-Tastic”!

7. Sports Then

Sports Then

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In 1966, Bobbies Moore and Charlton led the England squad to victory in the World Cup, beating West Germany 4–2 in the final.

8. Sports Now

Sports Now

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48 years of hurt later, England are knocked out at the group stages. Germany destroy the competition, and win the title for the first time as a single, united nation.

9. TV Then

TV Then

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First broadcast the day after JFK was assassinated, “An Unearthly Child” was the name of the first Doctor Who story, with William Hartnell as the First Doctor.

10. TV Now

TV Now

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Oh. Well, I guess not everything has changed a great deal. This year sees Peter Capaldi taking the helm, as Doctor Who celebrates its 51st anniversary.

11. Boybands Then

Boybands Then

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The Beatles. Need we say more?

12. Boybands Now

Boybands Now

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Just because something is different, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. Case in point: One Direction.

13. Shopping Then

Shopping Then

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Well okay, that looks pretty pleasant, I have to admit… but there’s not much variety, is there? Where’s the kale? How on earth am I going to get my organic quinoa?!

14. Shopping Now

Shopping Now

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Nowadays, we don’t even have to leave the house to get the food in – we can do it all online. But if we do feel like going out, interactive kiosks have helped to speed things up a bit at the checkout.

Don’t upset the Tesco ones though, or you will face the wrath of “UNEXPECTED ITEM IN BAGGING AREA.”

15. Chores Then

Chores Then

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Er… The less said about that advert, the better. But look at that old Hoover – a thing of utilitarian beauty, no?

16. Chores Now

Chores Now

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Who needs to break their back vacuuming when a Roomba can do it for you? There’s no chance that could ever go wrong. No way.

17. Phones Then

Phones Then

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As nice as this shiny little number is, I can’t see how it would fit in your pocket. And how do you play Angry Birds?

18. Phones Now

Phones Now

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With way more processing power than the most powerful computers of the ’60s, today’s smartphones are incredible little things. And you can still call people, believe it or not!

19. Space Travel Then

Space Travel Then

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The ’60s saw a few huge steps in terms of space travel. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first person to orbit the Earth in 1961, and in ‘69 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humanity’s first steps on the Moon.

20. Space Travel Now

Space Travel Now

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Though it’s still being argued about, it’s generally accepted that Voyager 1 – which launched just eight years after the Moon landing – finally left our solar system last year. It’s currently about 12 billion miles away. Incredible.

21. Holidays Then

Holidays Then

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Though that might look like a tropical get away, it’s actually the sleepy seaside town of Newquay, in Cornwall. Dig those funky swimming caps.

22. Holidays Now

Holidays Now

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It’s so easy to travel abroad nowadays. Get onto Google, search for where in the world you want to go, and get on a plane. You can go anywhere, from Stockholm to Sri Lanka. Pass the suncream!

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